I have an update for all of you that are considering taking a snow globe on an airplane this holiday season (or anytime for that matter.) I want to thank Reid Grossnickle from Snow Globe Central for the update. The Snow Globe guidelines by the TSA may be misleading.  This is what Reid had to say:

" I work with snow globes, this is my business. In addition to the ones I make, I repair hundreds every year, and I am aware of the most common sizes that people collect. The size listed as allowed by TSA is impossibly small and almost anyone who tries to take a snow globe on a plane will learn how tiny 3.4 ounces really is. Most of the snow domes and globes available for purchase will NOT fit inside a plastic bag, so the TSA guidance is somewhat misleading. Don't want any snow globe lovers to be disappointed by thinking any and all snow globes are now allowed. Pack them in your luggage or ship them, but don't try to get 8 ounces of liquid past TSA.

He goes on to say that people are passionate about their snow globes and he doesn't want to see anyone misinformed about the ban.  If you take a look at the picture, you'll see 5 different snow globe sizes, ranging  from less than 2 inches to just over 5 inches tall.  Only the tiniest one contains a quantity of liquid that would meet TSA guidelines.  All the others (the most common globes) would fail. So good luck with your globe and your best bet is to put it in your luggage  If you need to find out more go to www.snowglobecentral.com.