OK, so call me weird but this thought ran through my head today as I observed a driver in his truck today finish an orange and toss the orange peel out of his window. Is it littering? We all know that tossing non-biodegradable waste i.e. bottles, plastic wrappers, straws and etc. out of your vehicle is obviously illegal. If your fast food drink lid takes a million years to degrade it should be disposed of properly. But, the orange peel? How about an apple core or banana peel? These items degrade in no time at all if they are not eaten by wildlife before that can happen.

Now mind you, the middle of the road is not the best place to toss a banana peel. Especially if you threw it in front of a clown that slips on it and the rubbernecking causes and accident. OK I'll stop being silly, but after that orange peel gets run over and smashed into a pulp today it will be gone by our next rainfall. The amount of fruit peels could be a turning point as well. If there are fifty peels on the road, it looks horrible and would smell bad after a day or two. That would probably get you a ticket.

Another thing that comes to mind is fruit peels are often treated with waxes, herbicides, pesticides and other organic chemicals along their way from the farm to the market. Are they harmful to the environment? If so, why are eating them? So now that I've turned your brain into soup (which would be equally biodegradable) with my thought processes. Ponder it. Tell me what you think: