All-Star Celebrity Apprentice was on last night (4/10), the contesants flew to Orlando for their task. Omarosa lead Team Power, that's Trace Adkins team,although he wasn't there for the task. Dee Snider was team manager for Plan B.

The long and short of it is Omarosa's team won immunity.  So even though Trace wasn't there, he didn't have to worry about being fired.  Plan B's team was unfocused...Marilu Henner screaming at people asking what day of the week they were born and Gary Busey poking people in the rib cage.  Dee Snider got the boot without even putting up a fight.  If you want to read more, although I don't know why you would, go here.

In case you missed week 1 of the All-Star's, here's some of what you missed with Trace Adkins. He went head-to-head with his old nemesis Piers Morgan. He said that he'd never actually been "fired" in that signature Donald Trump way when he was on Celebrity Apprentice. But the way Morgan (that season's winner) remembered it was that he had been the one to fire Adkins. "Did you? I don't think so. I would've slapped the [expletive] outta you," Adkins said in his low and quiet way. "Calm down, cowboy. It's not my fault I beat you," Morgan said. It was awkward, tense, uncomfortable and fantastic.

Trace ended up raising 670,000 dollars for his charity, the American Red Cross.  Brett Michaels was fired by the way at the end of the episode. More fun to come I'm sure week 3 for the All-Stars on Sunday night, NBC 5 at 9pm.

Don't forget you can see Trace Adkins at the Taste of Country Music Festival at Hunter Mountain in June.  You can still get your early Hawk (bird) discounted tickets here.