Secret Santa is coming, or you have to buy a gift for your that special someone. You know like your sisters boyfriend. Whom when you even think about his mean, sarcastic, smug, poor excuse for a face you want to beat him with a hammer.

No need for extreme violence this year... just get them where it will do much more damage. THEIR MIND! (Applying aforementioned hammer to a persons mind is not recommended.)  So here's a  list of five ideas from that will make them suffer as much as you did while buying them something.

1.  A frustrating game.  Something with confusing instructions, or some logic puzzle that's impossible to figure out.

2.  A jigsaw puzzle with a missing piece.  It involves a deliberate act of sabotage, but they can't prove anything, which is even more infuriating.  And they don't find out until they get to the end of the puzzle and can't finish it.

3.  A bug lollipop.  You've seen these before . . . clear lollipops with grasshoppers or scorpions inside.  They can throw it away, or take the challenge.  You win either way.

4.  Wilted flowers.  There are actually websites that will deliver them already wilted, for the biggest possible insult.  Check out

5.  A magic trick that doesn't work.  They sell these at novelty shops.  Everything will look like they're doing it right, but the coin never disappears.