These songs keep popping up wherever I go and it's hilarious to me that people call them by whatever they want... It makes me think that the artist named the song wrong!!

First on my list is this, what people lovingly call "The Barbecue Stain Song"

Tim McGraw - Something like That

Now we have the song that get's requested like this: " Can you play the song that talks about the girl in tight blue jeans?" Yes!! This is one of my favorites for a good reason! It's actually:

David Nail - Whatever She's Got

Or how about the "Your Ass In The Sand Song" haha

When I play this on Mothers Day everyone usually calls back for a week after asking the name of the song about your Mother's Eyes? Yep, it's called "angels" by Randy Travis

Then I get this one... "Can you play the red red red redneck song?" or " the one with the chewin tobaccah spit?" Sure!!

And last but not least, The song about the parents killing each other and Jesus to save comfort her from behind the couch... Here's John Michael Montgomery's "The Little Girl"

Did I miss any for this list?