There's still time to return Christmas gifts and get something better.  So listen to this carefully.

A new survey came up with the top 10 gifts that men and women DON'T WANT for Christmas.  Check 'em out . . .

Men don't want:  Socks, a bad sweater, books they've already read, cheap cologne or toiletries, slippers, a mug, a calendar, chocolate, a handkerchief, or second-hand stuff.

Women don't want:  Cheap perfume or toiletries, cheap jewelry, make-up that isn't right for them, a bad sweater, candles, second-hand stuff, books they've already read, chocolate, a scarf, or a calendar.

So what SHOULD you get someone?  A separate study in the "Journal of Consumer Research" says you shouldn't try to come up with unique gift ideas for everyone . . . you'll just end up over thinking it and pulling and epic fail.

Instead, come up with ONE good idea and buy the same thing for everyone on your list.  Yes, the gift will be a little more generic . . . but that could be a good thing, since it will also be something that's popular and everyone likes.




(Yahoo / eScience News)