This is probably not a great idea if you work in the health care industry or food service. However, if your pup is well behaved and potty trained you should ask your boss if it's ok! Some things to consider if the boss says ok:

1. Is your dog ok with other dogs? You don't need the pup fighting with your coworkers dogs all day or constantly barking.

2. Will you need to bring food and water dishes? If your dog is a messy eater the boss and co workers will probably be upset with the mess.

3. Does your dog naturally stink? Some dogs, no matter how many times you bathe them just naturally smell like dog. Will the odor bother your peers?

4. Do you have a slobbery dog? Slobber not only is messy, but its a slip hazard. prepare yourself to clean up after your best friend.

5. Last but not least, will your buddy distract you or your coworkers from actually working? You don't need to have the boss soured on this awesome day by having a completely non productive staff. You'll never have another Bring Your Dog To Work Day!

If all the stars align and you have your pup by your side helping with those TPS Reports, studies have shown that it's mentally healthier for you to have your beloved furriness with you!