Toby Keith recently sat down with WENN to chat about what went down when tornadoes hit his hometown of Moore, Oklahoma back in May.

You might remember that Toby’s sister’s house was hit and he actually just got out of town right before the tornadoes on a flight to Nashville with no idea of what was to come.

Now, Toby has opened up a little bit more about what happened and says he son is a hero who saved lives that fateful day. Toby says his son right out five minutes after the tornado. He saw there was a need for people to help and he knew that the emergency services and first responders were not going to be able to get everywhere at once. He knew the schoolhouse was just behind him so he went in like a warrior. In the next two hours, Toby’s son got electrocuted, and ran a nail through his boot. He rescued a woman and a kid from a pile of rubble and got trapped in a tunnel that was flooding with water at the schoolhouse, where six kids died.

Toby went on to say that his son didn’t do anything but work on rescue missions for three or four days. His son commandeered one of Toby’s big trucks and a couple of golf carts and some tools and a trailer so that he could help people in his community.