Wedding season is starting up!   totally looking forward to it. A lot of people will be giving toasts in the next few months.  And many of them will be...Horrible toasts.
The website put out their top three tips for making sure YOUR toast isn't a moaner.

1.  Be Prepared, and Be Concise.  Unless you're truly comfortable winging it in front of a huge group, you should practice at least a few times in front of someone, not just a mirror. And don't make your speech too long.  Mark Twain's rule was to never let a toast go over 60 seconds.  But at something like a wedding, three or four minutes is fine.  It just shouldn't be ten.

2.  Be an Authority on the Subject.  You should come across like an expert on the person or the couple that you're talking about.  If you don't, people will start wondering why you're the one giving the speech in the first place. So if it's a big group, make sure you explain who you are, and what your connection is.  Then have something meaningful to say.

3.)  Play to Your Audience.  Which means, don't necessarily tell the BEST story you have in your arsenal, or the most embarrassing. Talk about something the whole group might connect with, not some inside joke that only a few friends will get.