Well it was a good game and better win for the Giants.  It came down to the wire.  For some reason I thought the Redskins

Photo by Karen Walker

would win.  We aren't called fans (fanatics) for nothing.  Well I made a bet with someone else in the building and I lost.

Part of the bet is for me to wear this scary Halloween costume (or Eli Manning jersey).  I know it burns, it burns.  The other part of the bet was for me to sing "Hail to the Giants" to the tune of "Hail to the Redskins."  There is no winner when I do that.

Here's the words, (It's not as painful this way):Hail to the Giants, Hail their victory, Hail (Hell)those Redskins have no path to stop Eli Manning. (Faster tempo now) Look at the ball in the air, watch as Cruz, cruises all the way for a TD, 77 yards are you kidding me. ((back to normal tempo and grand finale) So hail to the Giants, they can kiss my a**, Hail to the Giants, we'll see you on real grass.....in December in DC, then we'll hail our victory