If you were to ask anyone you know what they like most about the holidays, I bet Christmas music would be in their top 3 list.  With holiday music starting on the radio around Thanksgiving, and playing for a solid month or more, there's always those certain songs that become overplayed.

Time Magazine recently compiled a list of the "most overplayed holiday songs of all time."  See if you agree with some of their nominees.

#5 -  All I Want For Christmas Is You - first made famous by Mariah Carey and the movie, "Love Actually."

#4-  Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer - first recorded by the great Gene Autry in 1949.  He once told me that he never wanted to record the song but needed one more song for an album he did in the late 1940's.  Countless artists have been friendly with everyone's favorite reindeer.

#3-  Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer - it sounds like I don't like reindeer but it's really lots of music listeners are tired of this song.  "Grandma" was written as a joke over 30 years ago by a part time veterinarian named Dr. Elmo, who made millions.

#2-  The Chanukah Song - Adam Sandler first did this on "Saturday Night Live," and you guessed it..."overplayed."

#1-  Santa Baby -  Eartha Kitt did the original version and every female from Madonna to Taylor Swift have tried to do it as well with limited success.  I always say, there's nothing like the original.

I would love to hear your picks for the most overplayed Christmas songs.