So you bought that great movie on iTunes and all of a sudden it's gone...

You may not have noticed but, some movies you may have bought and downloaded from Amazon and the iTunes store might be missing. You think..."Wait...they're  "backed up" in the cloud! I'm good to go!", right? Nope...GONE. In fact, taken back by the movie company!

Disney and Pixar are having a disagreement with various distributors (like Amazon, iTunes and others) over licensing agreements. For example, you currently cannot buy and download a digital copy of "The Lion King". You can't even WATCH the movie even though you bought and paid for it years ago. They took it away from you!

If you look at the licensing agreement for iTunes, Amazon, and probably all the others...somewhere in all that fine print that you clicked "agree" and accepted, it spells out that purchased content can be made unavailable to you to any time.This means they don't owe you any money! If you're like me you haven't actually read the fine print for your media. All of your music, movies, apps, software and any other digital files you have  purchased are actually "on loan" from the company.

Cable and satellite companies "black out" certain channels because they couldn't come to terms with networks like the big CBS problem Time Warner Cable ran across recently. What if car companies did this?

I'd just like to point out something to the music companies and movie studios said back when we had Napster and MinMX: "Hey! That's stealing!"

Here's a little more info from Mainline Media News on the subject.