I need a little help from my girls. I was telling Glenn Pitcher this morning that when women hit a certain age, we get random hairs in strange places and that we're constantly checking our chin, neck, upper lip etc. for signs of a pop up hair so we can tweeze or shave it. Glenn thinks A) it's disgusting and B) that random pop up hairs aren't as bad as I've told him they are. I explained that a woman can wake in the morning chin hairless and by afternoon have a random long hair sticking out that wasn't there before. Can I get a little back up on this?  I posted this same question on my personal Facebook page and below is what my friends had to say.  Would love to hear what you think too!

Renita- Glenn, a). Never doubt the woman and b) we have hair checker assigned friends because we think they are gross too. I pull that little neck hair out by its root every time and yet, it still comes back. I swear it is burrowed into my esophagus.

Becky-Traci's right Glenn! It's probably worse than she said it is!

Nikki- OMG!!! This has just started for me, this past year- I swore I had to be the only "30s gal" with it. THIS is the thing I am hating most about getting older!! UGH HATE IT!! I'm a compulsive checker!! What I want to know is why this curse shows up at a certain later age???

Carol- You are so right I get so tired of shaving my face. I get really stiff little hair on my chin. I know what u mean!!

Joan- I have just 2 little hairs that drive me crazy. But your are right they can pop up everywhere.

Laurie-Guys shouldn't talk, with the hairs they have growing out of their ears, it's any wonder they can hear anything at all.

Bobbie- So true. I get one hair on my chin....it wont be there the day before but the next morning its there.

Tina-This didn't start happening to me till I was 50, thankfully, but they do seem to grow just like you described. HORRIFYING to find because first thing you think of is...omg did someone else see it first?? And it's a coarse hair and either black or white! "As we age, our bodies lose estrogen; testosterone, unopposed, causes us to grow more hair where men have it, on our faces"