Are you going to a New Year's Eve party tonight?  Here's some do's and don't s to keep in mind.

Do: Arrive on time and bring a party tray. Don't: Arrive at 12:30 and bring a party doll.  Do: Watch the hands on the clock as midnight approaches.  Don't: Hope nobody sees your  hands as the hostess approaches.

Do: Grab a horn and get joyful.  Don't: Grab Joy and get hornful (so to speak.)  Do: Help the host and hostess clean up after the party is over.  Don't: Swear you don't know who threw up in the planter.

These are some irrevent things to keep in mind when you celebrate tonight.  It's also a good thing to keep in mind if you ever want to be invited to ANY party again.  In all seriousness,  please be safe tonight and remember this saying, "Live it up but don't live it up so high that you can't live it down."  Happy New Year