I don't like to say these things to people because I always feel like I'm preaching, and you never know how someone could interpret your opinions on things. God knows I've had good intentions backfire on me in the past. With that said, it doesn't mean I stop doing them. Here's few things that I think are "Life Important" for anyone who see's things my way.


#1. Try to be kind and understanding to people you don't know. It's been said before, but you really don't know that persons journey. They are your friend until they've proven otherwise. If you're rejected then at least you tried.

#2. Do random acts of kindness. You have no idea how you will affect people in a positive way. Take care of the persons coffee behind you, if you see a mother struggling with the kids and her groceries in the parking lot offer to carry something or help her load the minivan. Help get someone... anyone out of a crappy situation. If it's monetary you most likely will never get it back. You know what? That's OK!

#3. Compliment people. More times than not, no one has complimented that person in awhile... possibly never. One of my co-workers just got her hair done recently, I said "Your HAIR!! Looks great!" See that was easy right? Just say it. It makes people feel better about their day!

#4. If you have the knowledge and are asked for it, offer it up! If a friend says they have car trouble and asks if you've ever heard "this noise" before and you have. Tell them what you know. This just doesn't apply to cars it could be anything. I'm slightly redneck so of course that's the first place I went. Doing this will give them direction and confidence to go have a mechanic fix it before there's a huge problem. You might look at things (besides cars) differently than they do and give them a different approach to their issue.

#5. Take opportunities and make mistakes. This is the most feared and most important in your lives. When you meet people you will have opportunities. People open doors to careers and side work. Take them. I know that this is scary because it sacrifices your comfort. Moving from the job you've been at for years to take on a greater challenge or take that side job that someone asked you to do for them. Do everything to the best of your ability and make the mistakes you are going to make. How else will you learn what you excel at and what you really probably shouldn't be doing? You come out of these situations stronger than ever. You need this knowledge to succeed.

In closing I want to also say take some time for yourself as well. This is something I myself have not mastered in any way. Each day that goes by without some joy and downtime is going to take it's toll on you. Burn out is real folks. Without some decompression time for you, things will start to feel like they are falling apart. THEY AREN'T! You are doing fine, But... It feels just as awful anyway.