The day I got my 1st phone I had to sign a 1 year contract. That was with Cellular One. Now you know I'm older than Moses, BUT! Since I didn't have my cell handed to me by my parents I could do as I please with the phone. The 13 year old in the video above's mother decided to attach her own 18-point contract of rules and regulations to follow if he were to have this iPhone

Some of his contract read as follows:  “Never Ignore a Phone Call If the Screen Reads Mom or Dad,” ”No Porn” and ”Hand The Phone In to One of Your Parents Promptly At 7:30 PM,” I would venture a guess hatt this kid’s contact list will have absolutley NO CONTACTS in it. I'mean, who wants your parents to know who's having the house party while there parents leave on business next week right?

Greg buddy, when you’re 18 go buy your own iPhone 8x.

Do you think this contract is a fair for the 13 year old? Or should this mom mellow out?