Over the weekend I saw a couple posts on Facebook from friends who received new bank cards from one of our local credit unions. Their new cards were issued because they'd shopped at Target during the holiday season and while their info didn't appear to have been compromised, the bank didn't want to take any chances.

It turns out that the Target data breach, which resulted in millions of shoppers having sensitive personal information stolen, was worse than anyone initially thought.

Target believed that hackers stole credit and debit card information from 40 million shoppers after Thanksgiving, but they've just announced that an additional 70 million shoppers may have been affected. Target warned consumers that information like names, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses may have been stolen.

Target says they're going to reach out to as many customers as possible to inform them of the breach. If you used a credit or debit card at Target between November 27th and December 15th, you should call your credit card company or bank and request a new account number.