Do Beer and Religion Mix?
Christmas! It's a religious holiday for many. For others, it's a time to get together with family and friends to have some fun and a couple of drinks. So that brings up the question: Do Religion and Beer mix?
Flowers and Easter
Many do not know that there are many references to the beauty of nature and flowers specifically. Happy Easter to all.
Lent Can Lead to a New Binghamton Beginning
Mardi Gras always arrives the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday.  As a kid going to Broome Country Catholic Schools, I always thought it was cool to get ashes on my forehead.
To this day, I look forward to Ash Wednesday, which marks the beginning of Lent...
Pope Has a ‘Handle’ On Twitter
People that I would never expect to be on Twitter, are tweeting up a storm.
Example, Pope Benedict XVI, using the handle: @pontifex.
According to reports, the Pontif took to his iPad and sent out the first tweet from his official personal account and his first tweet read, "Dear friends, I am …
Suing a New York Church After Crucifix Falls
I think it is crazy how lawyers advertise and give people ideas on how and when to sue.
According to the Associated Press, a man is suing a Hudson Valley, New York church after the crucifix he prayed to every day, toppled over and crushed his leg...