At 2:00pm today SUNY Broome Community College held their anual Mock Disaster Drill in the schools Quad area. The Mock Disaster Drill was the invention of the colleges beloved Professor Wes Warren who passed away a few months ago. The drill was designed to put public service students in a stressful mass emergency situation to see how they handle the profession they have chosen.

Today's scenario was of a car veering off the road and striking a number of people. Let's say... people waiting at a busy bus stop. The students who were participating as victims were made up to have injuries with theatrical latex and make up. The students played the part, screaming and writhing in pain and yelling to find their friends and crying over their and their friends injuries. While the students who were picked as the first responders aided their emergency situations. The professors watched their students actions and monitored their radio communications.

It was an intense experience!