Isn't life grand?  Back a few years back, all cell phone numbers were released to telemarketing companies.  This morning I received the good word that I won a 12 night cruise and I could find out more if I pushed a number on my phone.  Fake contest.  You bet. I haven't entered a contest in some time.

So what do you do to keep from being charged for these annoying calls?  At one time cell phones were not included but thanks to our wonderful "leaders" in Washington giving in to special interest groups, cell phones are no longer off the hook.

There's good news.  There is a way to block your number from these telemarketing groups and will only take a minute to do so.  Call the DO NOT CALL list from your cell phone at 888-382-1222.  There's also a web site that you can click on HERE.

And now the bad news, thanks to the government shutdown, it is not possible to do it today, as this service is supplemented by the US government.  Of course it is.  The best thing to do is keep this post handy and come back to it when (and if) our government ever gets their act together.  I have my fingers crossed.