Today is a sad day for all of us NFL fans and especially those of NFL Films.  Steve Sabol passes away at the age of 69.  He was diagnosed with a  tumor on the left side of his brain after a seizure in March 2011.   Steve Sabol was the co-founder of NFL FILMS with his father Ed.  I'll be honest with you,  I didn't even know he had been hospitalized.  He and his dad changed the way we watch and think about football.  They started NFL Films in 1964.  When you watch old time footage of NFL action, it's probably a safe bet to say it's from NFL Films.

They added innovations like slow motion replay, up close action of coaches and players,  and not let's forget adding the Voice of God to its commentary with John Facenda.  I always enjoyed the behind the scenes programs he would do on ESPN.  He would talk about what they had to do to get the shot and he would also talk about the bloopers that happened along the way.

NFL Films gave us Hank Stram talking  on the KC sidelines,  the ball bouncing to Franco Harris in the Pittsburgh/Oakland game after the network had went to the movie "Hiedi" and let's not forget the" Frozen Tundra" for all Green Bay fans.  Steve won 35 emmys in many different categories.   Steve and his dad should not only be credited for the way we watch football,  but all sports in general.  For those of you not familiar with NFL Films and Steve Sabol,  take some time and  UTube it and then get ready for some football.