This weekend was a starry night themed reception so I took the room all blue with uplights. Set up the Starball lights and projected the stars on the back wall behind the head table. The wedding was so fun! The intros began and the bride and groom played a joke on the guests. They were "lost". I introduced them and they did not enter... where are they? Then a few seconds later the hulk hogan theme song began to play out of no where and poof! They appeared! We went right into the couples 1st dance, the special dances came immediately after theirs and we ate dinner. The cake was cut after everyone finished dinner and we danced the remainder of the evening away. To end the reception The groom busted through a circle of all of the males in the house to get to his bride in the center and have the last dance. This was so fun! What areally great night! Thanks you two!