The Country Music Hall of Fame announced its 2013 inductees into the Hall this week. Legendary songwriter and record producer Cowboy jack Clement, Kenny Rogers and Bobby Bare.

I was very excited to see Bobby Bare on the list. I loved his music when I was growing up.

Bobby started, as most artists do, with a false start in the late 50's. In 1963, he struck gold with the song Detroit City. Not only did it go to number one, but it also earned Bare a Grammy award. it was followed by a string of hits including 500 Miles Away From Home.

In the late 70's, Bare's success came from novelty songs like Marie Laveau and he was the mastermind behind the hit Dropkick me Jesus (Though The Goalposts of Life). He experimented with Southern Rock and teamed up with Rosanee Cash and Rodney Crowell for projects in the 80's. The key to his success was reinvention.

He was fully intrenched as one of Nashville's best singer/songwriters throughout the rest of his career, which is actually still going strong today. When TNN (The Nashville Network) came on cable, the station opted to take advantage of his popularity by having him host Bobby Bare And Friends

it was Bobby Bare who introduced Waylon Jennings to RCA records and Bare was one of the first to record songs by songwriters who would become legend, like Harlan Howard, Tom T. Hall and Shel Silverstein.

Bobby Bare is very deserving of this induction into the Country Music Hall of Fame! Find out more about Bare at his website.

Admittedly, this is one of my favorite songs! It's just cool.


And Bobby's signature song: