I got my hands on a letter today that stunned me. I felt all kinds of awkward emotion from it and I don't have kids! Here it is:

"hey, i wanted to get an unbiased opinion. i have very strong feelings about something my ex wants to do and although i think he is completely in the wrong-i would be open to hear other sides. my ex husband wants to take family Christmas photo with my children and his girlfriend. i think its inappropriate and i would never do it with my new husband. i'm actually remarried now and have been for 3 years, and i would never put out a card that makes us look like a family eliminating their father. the fact that his girlfriend wants to play Susie homemaker with my family isn't my problem-this is in poor taste right?
these are my kids, they are not her kids-it just doesn't make sense. what should i do?

I think although Libby feel's offended those kids are HIS TOO, he should be able to take a holiday photo. Maybe Libby is slightly jealous or repulsed of her exes new girlfriend? What do you think?

We'll chat on air!