I pushed my truck into the gas station today because well... I'm dumb and forgot to get gas. BUT! This is besides the point. I had to push my truck around someone and then push it backward into the pump space because the woman who raced into the gas station ahead of me did not pull up to the farthest pump. Sheesh. While i was catching my breath and pumping, I observed some things that make gas station visits long and annoying. Here's some gas station etiquette you may not know about.

First. Gas is expensive. People tend to put less in the tank which makes for more frequent stops to the pump. So lets help speed this task up. Like I previously touched on... Pull to the farthest pump. This way other people don't have to go around you or wait for you to finish while staring at an empty pump space they can't get to.

Second.. Just go prepay. Standing at the pump waving at the cashier to get thier attention to turn your pump on is lazy and you still have to go in to pay anyway... that wastes time.

Third... Turn off the car, put out your cigarette and hang up your phone. Fire is bad mmmkay?

4th... Related to the cellphone use. Facebook and texts can wait man! I don't want to wait for you to stand at your filled tank while you finish commenting on your buddies post about their dog.

5th... If you need to get groceries, a drink or etc... pull out of the pumping area and use a parking area to shop. Let us gas up please.

6th... We live here too and know that gas prices are ridiculous. NO ONE wants to hear you complain about them. Especially if you cruised in driving a Hyundai and I am filling the bottomless tank on my Tahoe. Instead id you've found the cheapest station in town tell the cashier that you appreciate the lower prices. You know.. switch it up on them! Flip Mode!

Last... if you've traveled in with a buddy or you see a friend or neighbor at the pump. Don't hang out and chat at the pump. your conversation should end when your pumping is done.