I'm very sad to tell you that I can now confirm that a Johnson City police officer was shot and killed in the incident which unfolded this morning. My prayers and sincerest sympathies are with his family, friends and fellow officers.

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We can confirm that there was a shooting just after 7am this morning near UHS Wilson Hospital in Johnson City and that Harrison is completely blocked off. An eye witness tells us several police agencies are on the scene.

The Press and Sun reports that scanners indicated an officer to be down and that a call was placed for any agency to respond with a bomb-detecting dog and that the Endicott bomb squad was put on standby. We can confirm that bomb squads are on the scene. However we cannot confirm the reported shooting of a police officer as we've not yet received confirmation from authorities.

Our news department reports that the medical buildings at 22 and 30 Harrison Street next to the Imaging facility are being evacuated. People should stay away from Harrison Street and Main Street at Harrison Street.  Our news department also reports that a dozen shots were fired and that bomb squads have been going through the above mentioned buildings.

The best thing we can tell you is that you should do your best to avoid the area around Wilson Hospital as the investigation continues. If you've got an appointment at Wilson Hospital today, you might want to call ahead to make sure your appointment still stands, however know that with so much going on, the department you're calling might not be able to answer.

This morning's shooting took place in the vicinity of the photo below:

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8:13am update: WBNG reports that Broome County Dispatchers reported the shooting of a police officer at 32 Harrison St. near Wilson Hospital just after 7:05 am. WBNG also says that according to emergency communications, a suspect is in custody.

8:21am update: WBNG reports at 7:35am a bomb sniffing dog and bomb squads were dispatched to the scene. They also report the shooting occurred at 32 Harrison Street. WBNG also reports that all detectives were dispatched to UHS Wilson Hospital at 7:25am by Johnson City Police Chief Joseph Zikuski.

8:24am update: WBNG states that Johnson City Police have NOT confirmed that a police officer has been shot, but they did report that there was a shooting.

8:53am update: Our news department reports that witnesses are being held at the Johnson City police station. WBNG reports that Binghamton Police are assisting Johnson City. The Press and Sun states that Broome County Sheriff’s Office is also assisting.

9:53am update: our news department reports that as investigators sort out the events of this morning, Harrison Street is expected to remain closed for virtually all of today.

10:32am update: Anthony Borrelli of the Press and Sun has quoted Johnson City Police Chief Zikuski as saying that the police officer involved in this morning's shooting has died. A press conference is expected to be held this afternoon.Chelsea Bishop and Candace Chapman of WBNG also report that Chief Zikuski said a police officer was killed and that the suspect was in surgery at UHS Wilson and in critical condition as of 10:30am.

10:52am update:Our news department now confirms that they've received word from Johnson City Police Chief Zikuski and we are very sad to tell you that a member of the Johnson City Police Department lost his life today.  At this time, we do not know the name of the victim, but we hold his family and all of our first responders involved in the events of today in our hearts and prayers. Also at this time, we can confirm that since 10:30am, the suspect is in surgery at UHS Wilson Hospital and is in critical condition.

12:19pm update: According to Chelsea Bishop and Candace Chapman of WBNG Police Chief Zikuski has confirmed the suspect is dead, following news the suspect was in critical condition and was taken into surgery.

2:30pm update:The fallen officer has been identified as patrolman David Smith.  The suspect is identified as James Clark of the Village of Greene. Police said James Clark shot David Smith two times and then fired on responding officers, who in turn shot him. James Clark died in surgery. Police Chief Joseph Zikuski says James Clark wouldn't let other employees  enter the building, telling them there were bombs inside, which is why bomb squads were called in. Police do not have a motive for the shooting.