Punishments that involve public humiliation seem to be getting more popular with parents .I mean, I understand why. It feels like those punishments are taught more effectively than grounding or taking away their iPhones.

Jessica Rocha of Fort Morgan, Colorado wanted to teach her two kids a lesson. Her fiancé's eight-year-old daughter Aurora was caught shoplifting from Walmart, and her nine-year-old son Xavier kept getting in trouble for bullying. So she decided to make them wear special t-shirts to school. Aurora's shirtsaid, "I steal. Please watch me." And Xavier's shirt said, "Bully." But when Aurora wore her shirt, the principal at Green Acres Elementary(yes Green Acres) made her cover it up! The school told Jessica her kids can't wear shirts like that.

Ron Echols, the superintendent of the Fort Morgan schools. He said, "I respect her right to do what's best for her family. But I wish she would leave the school out of it. We cannot support something that is demeaning to kids." Jessica is protesting their decision. saying, "I am trying to be proactive in their school life as well as their home life so they don't end up in prison later on." - NBC 9 - Denver / Denver Westword

So... What do you think? Should she be allowed to do this to impress upon her kids that what they are doing is wrong? Or find another way?