Vital Stats:

Name: Savanah Wiggins
Age: 20
From: Chenango Bridge, New York
Singing Experience: Since childhood "I used to sit in front of Disney movies, singing all of the songs."
Heroes: My parents and my grandfather. "My Mom's my best friend."
Favorite Country Artist: Taylor Swift - "I relate to her music."
Country Crush: Dierks Bentley

The Inside Scoop:

Savanah Wiggins currently attends SUNY Oneonta for music performance. Music isn't a new hobby for the songstress. Savanah grew up singing everything and anything. The musical roots in the Wiggins family include her Mom and Grandma (who sing), her great grandma (who plays the piano), and her Aunt Carolyn (also a pianist).

Savanah's seen Igrid Michaelson, Kelly Clarkson, Karmin, Lone Star, and Mumford and Sons in concert. But, aside from choir competitions, this is the first time Savanah will be putting her music in front of an audience.

Words of persuasion to the country music skeptic:

"I think country's the most emotional genre of music"

To potential voters:

"I feel like I have a lot to give with my voice. I would really like to make music that people can relate to. It's my passion. I'd like to do it for a really long time."

Here is Savanah's song. Take a listen and look out for your opportunity to vote once all 10 contestants have been profiled.