**Update 1/7/13- according to Sarah's sister, all three kids were found and are in police custody.**

According to the Facebook page, "Help Find Sarah Rought, Missing from Endicott 2/5/13" there are three local kids (one is 14 year old Sarah Rought) missing and their parents are frantically looking for them.

I spoke with the Endicott Road Patrol who informed me that these kids really are missing.  However, because of the rules set forth by the U.S. Department of Justice, the hands of the police are tied and they're not able to issue an Amber Alert because the kids have run away of their own free will and weren't abducted nor did they go missing with no indication of what they were up to.

14 year old Sarah Raught was last seen with her boyfriend Dylan Carlson and their friend Roberto Diaz during the early morning hours of February 5, 2012.

Sarah, Dylan and Roberto were last seen in what is presumed to be a silver or grey Honda Accord and allegedly told a friend they were headed to Pennsylvania or Florida.

All three kids are from Endicott,NY.

What makes me so sad is that these three kids do not meet the necessary qualifications to issue an Amber Alert based on Federal rules.  That's why it's so important for all of us to share, share and then share again! WE are the alert for these kids.

If you have any information or have seen a silver or grey Honda with New York plates and the three kids in the photos below in it, please contact the police by calling (607) 785-3341.

THIS is an event Facebook page set up by Sarah's sister that explains more about what's going on.

Here are pics of the kids.  I'm sorry- I only know which is Sarah because she's obviously the girl.  I don't know which boy is which as the photos from Facebook aren't labeled.