The '90's was the decade of the band in Country Music. There were so many that were talented: the Mavericks, Diamond Rio, Ricochet, Lonestar,Confederate Railroad, and Little Texas. (and that's just a partial list!).

Little Texas, though, was unique in many ways. It was a band of 6 with two lead singers, Brady Seals and Tim Rushlow. They started as an Opryland show band, calling themselves "The Varsities" while on the road. Thank goodness they changed the name!

As happens, after success, Brady Seals decided to launch a solo career. He had only mild success, but the band kept going.

All good things must come to an end and that happened, in a way, around 2000. Member Del Gray wrote the hit single "More " for Trace Adkins and singer Tim Rushlow launched a solo career. The band was on hiatus. I call it broken up.

In 2004, itching to get back together, Duane Propes, Del Gray, Porter Howell, and Dwayne O'Brien reunited. Tim Rushlow and Jeff Huskins were left out and sued to stop the name "Little Texas" from being used. It didn't work and the band still tours today.

The magic, though, happened in the 1990's and that is where I will remember it! They had 13 hits in those years and one number one, "My Love". The song that gets people going? "God Blessed Texas"!

Remember these videos?