I'm sure all of us remember where we were and what we were doing when the events of September 11th happened. Here's my memory. I awoke late that day to my ex getting a phone call from someone(whom I thought was my friend) saying that two planes had struck the World Trade Centers and it was believed to be a terrorist attack. We headed to the living room to tune into the coverage. What we saw was truly horrific, both symbols of the worlds economy engulfed in flames. My ex and I were glued to the various news channels as we watched the events unfold.

I will not recap these events, as we know the tragedies that followed that day until its end. All of these images and eyewitness accounts will stay with us all forever. The price of freedom is very costly. We should never forget any of the civilians, police, fire fighters and service personnel that gave their lives on this day and the days that followed as we fought for our country to stay free.

We may have disagreements with our leaders and we may not agree with how an official handles a situation, but I believe we still need to unite and support our troops. When we do, we all support something many of us take for granted... OUR FREEDOM.

Above are my thoughts. I write this not to offend or enrage anyone. I write this to remember, and to remind others. Take a moment, and make it silent for those people who should be remembered, honored and respected on this day.