Today is President's Day or as I like to call it, "National Check the Mailbox 3 Times for No Reason Day." Here are my top 5 Fun Facts about our Presidents...I never understood why there called "Fun" but here ya go.

5) John Quincy Adams liked to swim nude in the Potomac River.  I don't find that "fun" at all, more like creepy.

4) Warren G. Harding once lost a box of priceless White House china. He lost it in a poker game. He was a little short on cash and thought a little gambling might pad the wallet.

3) Calvin Coolidge like having his head rubbed while he ate breakfast in bed.  Traci asked me if that was really true....I don't know because I wasn't the one rubbing his head.

2) Bill Clinton usually wears briefs instead of boxers.  If he wore any at all.

1) The Bushes are related to Marilyn Monroe, Benedict Arnold and Winston Churchill.  That fact is actually fun.

So happy "Furniture Is On Sale" day.