October is the time of year that people pick pumpkins and carve them into creepy looking creatures. My daughter Tara has made one pumpkin into Frankenstein. She found the ugliest and most deformed pumpkin and said "Daddy, that'll make a great Frankenpumpkin. She also made a couple into cyclops and still another with a shocked face with a screw going into its side.

October is also Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Minnesota farmers have decided to combine the two. Yes, it's a Pink Pumpkin. It's being called the "Pink Pumpkin Patch Foundation." The farmers are hoping to grow up to 30,000 pumpkins. It actually started out as an accident 5 years ago, when a farmer saw a pink hue on a pumpkin and decided to cultivate it. They call the seeds "porcelain doll."

The farmers donate 25 cents from every pumpkin sold to breast cancer research and the pumpkins get a nice bright makeover. So this Halloween it's no trick, but a treat and you can help a wonderful cause during breast cancer awareness month.