Saturday afternoon, 50-year-old Michael Schwartz of South Salem, New York experienced engine failure with his small commuter plane and had to make an emergency landing on the Bronx Expressway. He and his 43 year old and 20 year old female passengers escaped with minor injuries. Which would make him a pretty awesome pilot right? Well yeah, until local press contacted his wife and she seemed very angry saying she'd JUST found out about the crash, and told them, quote, "Why don't you ask him?  I'm sure he'd be happy to tell you."

Turns out IT WASN'T HER ON THE PLANE! No one knows who these unidentified two are but speculation has gotten out that it might just be his SECRET SECOND FAMILY!

Let's be honest with ourselves, he might just be making extra money as a personal pilot for hire... but the wife's reaction certainly has our minds going gutter bound!