Traci Taylor

If you live on Park Street or Schubert Street on the West Side of Binghamton, work is going to be done on your water lines Thursday, disrupting service from 8am-3pm.

Because of repairs to the water system on the West Side, if you live on Park Street or Schubert, you’re being asked not to use your water between 8am and 3pm Thursday.  If you do you might cause damage to your meter, pipes, appliances and/or clothing in your washing machine.

The city of Binghamton says they won’t be responsible for any damage caused by you using your water service between 8am and 3pm Thursday.

The water department will flush all lines after the work is done, so if you notice your water is a little discolored or cloudy, it’s completely ok.  It might be necessary for you to run your cold water for a little bit to clear your lines.