Brett Deering, Getty Images

Rescue teams sifted through the wreckage in Oklahoma yesterday following a gigantic tornado that killed at least 24 people, including nine children.

The confirmed death toll from Monday’s tornado was lowered from an earlier figure of 51, but authorities warn that the toll could change again. At least 237 people were injured.

In the city of Moore, police said 19 people had been killed. Entire blocks were completely destroyed.

The most horrific news is of the children killed, including seven who drowned while seeking shelter in the basement of Plaza Towers Elementary School and one who died at Briarwood Elementary School.

There were stories of hope among the destruction, though. Terry Watkins of the Department of Emergency Management said 101 people had been found alive by search teams so far. And an elderly woman was unexpectedly reunited with her dog while being interviewed by CBS News. If you haven’t seen the remarkable video you should check it out.

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Source: CNN, Fox News, CBS News