I spent New Years Eve with friends and working... of course. I had a lot of fun! First Mariah and I attended Times Square at Terra Cotta enjoying food, drinks, dancing and the company of friends in the decorated Terra Cotta! We dined on appetizers, prime rib and turkey sandwiches while having fun with the party hats and noisemakers. Then We laft to go to Paradigm where I DJed for the remained of the evening into the early hours of the morning! I set up the projector to display the live video feed from Time Square to the screen on the wall with audio. I faded down the audio from my system and faded up the countdown so we all could enjoy the ball drop at midnight! We fired off confetti cannons had a toast to the new year and gave lots of kisses. After FOX played Auld Lang Syne I brought the dance music back up and we partied til the sun came up! What a great night! Thank you to everyone who came out to hear me mix!