I've always said you have to be careful what you post on Facebook.  There could very well be life changing consequences for a comment you make or even a comment that is made against you or someone you know. There have been countless people fired from their employer for postings on the popular social media site.

I recall a teacher that posted a vacation photo holding a beer on a visit to a brewery in Ireland and was immediately terminated.  The latest happened a little closer to home in a suburb of Buffalo at a popular retail chain.

Wal-Mart fired an employee after he posted a photo and derogatory comments about Muslim customers on Facebook.

The photo was a picture of Muslim women in traditional dress, the manager’s expletive-filled posting read: “Halloween came early this year. … Do they really have to … dress like that.”

So what do you think?  Do you or friends ever post inappropriate or questionable subjects and comments on Facebook or Twitter? Do you think companies should be monitoring social media sites?  Do you think it's fair to fire someone over a posting?