OK, time to side step the usual fun posts to discuss something that gets me hurting deep inside my gut. Suicide.

When a celebrity extinguishes their own light I see tons of Facebook posts of astonishment and encouragement. It this what we want?  Saying "We've lost a Great Man" or there's this:

Screenshot: Rich Birdsall of Huffpost

Free?? Is this not encouraging others who have thought of very same thing? These people need help. He chose to take himself out of the world. A world full of people, Some of which could have and would have been there to help him. He also chose to make his family and the world suffer his depression as well. That mans family will be haunted by his suicide for the rest of their lives. Both of my parents have passed on from untimely, but natural causes. It wasn't easy, but it did give me a sense of closure. To his wife, and his children, to his closest friends he was murdered. Taken before his time by a man they loved unconditionally. In cases of murder you can direct your pain toward the evil man or woman that committed the crime. In this instance, you hate and love the person. It makes things so much more complicated to grieve over. You can never fully heal.

Celebrity or not... those who are in need of help need to get it, regardless filming schedules, air shifts and any other responsibilities.  It is never the correct choice to take your life.