My birthday was yesterday. First, thank you to all that sent me birthday wishes. I appreciate it very much.  So, I came into work today and Traci has a bag full of presents. These are my top 5.5) An ice scraper: because it works better than a credit card.

4) Groucho Marx Novelty Glasses: For days that I don't want anybody to know who I am. I say it's for Traci when she doesn't want anyone to recognize her when she's with me and I tell my "Pinore Moore" Wine joke (Pee No More).

3) V-8: because you gotta have a V-8. I call this this the fruit cake of birthday presents.

2)  Filter Masks: For all the times that she's sick... or is that for all the times I make her sick with my gorilla and 'Dime On' Ring joke. Speaking of Diamond Ring...

1) Diamond Ring: She says that it's better than 'Dime On' Ring but I disagree. I'll let you be the judge.

Thanks again to all and especially to Traci for all the really "cool" gifts.