Are US food companies secretly playing with our food supply?  Are we going to wake up one day and find that there is a link to foods made in China and cancer and other diseases in this country?

I'm not picking on China per se, but I have to admit I question why our government continues to do any business with a country that has been has been cited time and time again for unsafe manufacturing practices, producing everything from exploding chemical-laden watermelons, to killer baby and pet foods and even toxic toys.  Many times I find products are not labeled "made in China."

That is my fear as more and more foods are made in China.  Tyson, the chicken manufacturing giant, reportedly sends chickens produced in it's corporate hen houses, over to China to be processed and sent back to US grocery stores for sale.

The other day, I opened a can of Bumble Bee smoked oysters to enjoy for my lunch and saw that they were a product of China.  I threw them out and called the company.  A package of pumpkin seeds from a grocery store in Binghamton was also a product of China. There are so many other products that are unlabeled that use ingredients from other countries that are unknown to the consumer.

Interestingly when I call these companies on their consumer relations lines, they robotically tell me that all their products "meet FDA guidelines."  I don't believe it and I don't trust this line big companies use for a safe answer.  And how can the FDA inspect all the millions of pounds of food brought over from China and other countries?

Is it worth saving a few bucks so the corporate CEO can take home millions by not keeping jobs in the US, yet jeopardizing the health of the American public?  There is a reason why there are so many terminally ill people, in the United States?  It may be satellites above our heads, electronics such as cell phones or could it be in the US food supply?

So what can you do?  For the short term, check the labels for where your favorite food products are manufactured, before you buy them.  When I see a product made in China, I pick up the telephone and ask them why.  If more people would do this, maybe jobs will come back to the United States and less people would die of health related issues.