Pilot David Rolfe is currently being treated at Wilson Hospital in Johnson City after his scenic flight took a turn for the worse this past Sunday night, landing in a swamp off Thorpe Road a few miles away from the Sidney airport.

“I heard a helicopter and I looked out the back door and it hovered probably 400 feet behind the house for about 15 minutes without moving,” Steven Anderson, the owner of the property that housed the crash, told WBNG Action News.

Police investigators report that Rolfe’s plane suffered an updraft from a severe wind gust, preventing it from sustaining proper air speed, and causing the plane to come in contact with the tree tops, breaking the propeller, digging the pilot’s seat into the ground, and leaving gauze pad wrappers scattering the site upon impact.

According to law enforcement, the accident could have been far worse, and while we’re glad to hear that Rolfe is in fair condition, we continue to pray for him and his loved ones!