In the back of their mind, everyone sort of expects something strange will happen at the wedding reception. But during the ceremony? That's not so common, which makes this story even more bizarre.

It’s every bride and groom’s dream to have the perfect wedding day so I feel bad for the couple in Nebraska who’s wedding was crashed last Sunday by a man who was stark naked and waving lettuce. And by wedding, I mean ceremony.  This wasn’t a case of a reception gone wrong. This actually happened at the church.

The suspect, identified as Kevin Gill, stopped his truck outside the church and exited buck naked. He starting waving lettuce around, telling witnesses he wanted to feed the animals. By the time cops arrived, Gill had left the scene by driving the wrong way down the street. He was arrested on suspicion (hmmm, you think?) of indecent exposure and I'm happy to say that despite the crazy nude lettuce man, the wedding went off without any other issues.