I am pretty open when it comes to accepting new artists into Country. It's ok if I rocker wants to go back to his country roots. Let's face it, Jim Reeves, Patsy Cline and others of that time were considered "too pop"! Look at Pasty Cline now. She's a legend who has influenced countless singers!

If Kid Rock, Sheryl Crow or Aaron Lewis (formerly of Staind) wants to stick around, that's ok. Darius Rucker, well he fit in automatically. He's staying whether he wants to or ont. But Lenny Kravitz? I believe it was a mistake to have him perform at the CMA Music Festival. The CMT Awards, ok, but not the one time a year that we celebrate our genre of music.

It really wasn't fair to Kravitz either. Yes he had the help of Jason Aldean, but the fans were surprised by his performance and unfortunately not accepting. He performed some of his hardest rocking hits including American Woman (which I love). If the aim was to dip his toe in the water to test a Country career, it surely scared him off. I am not against him coming into the fold, he just needs to be dunked in slowly.

As with all things Country, yours is the only opinion that counts. What do you think?