When Jennifer Aniston said last year that she picked her Oscars gown because it was “easy to pee in,” I thought she was being funny. Kristen Bell ran into the same sort of problem this year.

Being trapped in a Oscar dress and unable to use a toilet can be a real problem...Not that I would know..but Kristen Bell tells us what happened to her.

The folks from Live With Kelly and Michael, asked if the dress was comfortable to sit in. She replied “Nope. And I didn’t realize that until I got into it, “There was a situation … there was a Mason jar involved.” When the audience laughed she also laughed and said, “Like you guys haven’t peed into a Mason jar before in a huge ball gown!" For me, Mason jar yes, ball gown no.

She also was more excited than most to see Ellen DeGeneres bring out those pizzas after hours of being unable to eat. “This was my first time going … You have a hair and a makeup person, by the time you get into the dress you realize that you’ve been sitting there for three hours,”

“And then there’s always traffic, so that’s almost four hours. Then you get there and that’s why everyone in the audience looks emaciated, because everyone’s hungry!” Kristen said that next year she's bringing a Lunchables and a Mason jar in a large shoulder bag.

So where's the strangest place that you've ever had to go?