Nothing irritates me more than someone who spews hate from behind the security of their computer screen. People seem to think that hiding behind their monitor gives them license to act uncivilized and to say things they'd never say face to face.

Not only does Kip Moore hate people like this too, but he definitely doesn't tolerate trolls.
Kip posted a strong warning to mean people on his Facebook page on Saturday, writing:

Social media has become an open forum for a***oles who think its cool to express their a***ole cowardly hide behind a computer screen opinions. I never comment back on my m&g pics cause it's pointless to have a debate w some people but get the f**k off my page if all your gonna do is troll and look for some pictures of certain fans to ridicule. My fans are happy in these pictures and from all walks of life. Happy (the key word) is what they are. For all the supportive fans out there and the good comments, I appreciate u guys and hope to c u on the road.

Apparently the post struck a cord with Kip’s fans because within hours it had over 38,000 likes,and a ton of supportive comments from his fans.