You can file this under the "I could care less but everybody is talking about it" category.  Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are engaged. As if we didn't see that coming.

So apparently, Kanye has been hot for Kim for quite a few years, but she was enthralled with sports players and didn't see Kanye as more than a friend. But somewhere along the line, that changed and she ended up pregnant with Kanye's baby who they decided to torture by giving the name "North" as in "North West."

How did the engagement go down? Kanye rented out an entire baseball stadium and asked Kim to marry him. TMZ (who seems to know everything about everything) says “Kanye went super-baller for the proposal.” Apparently he flew Kim to San Francisco, blindfolded her, and whisked her off to AT&T Park, home of San Francisco Giants. An orchestra was on hand and when the two walked in, they began playing Lana del Rey's song "Young and Beautiful" which is one of Kim's favorite songs. Then he got on one knee and asked Kim to marry him with a 15 CARAT DIAMOND RING!

Drama seems to be something that Kanye feeds off of, so he's going to fit in perfectly with the krazy Kardashians.

Anyone wanna start taking bets on how long this union will last? I know, I'm a horrible person for saying that and I should wish that these two will get and stay happily married for the rest of forever and birth more directionally named children, but then reality would have to smack me in the face. And I don't like to be slapped in the face.