So much Buzz has been made over last years winner The Hawk's Hitmaker Challenge, Kaitlyn Jackson that WE JUST HAD to invite her back for a visit! I love this kid like she's my younger sister! When I got the word that she was going to be on American Idol, I was so proud of her that I almost exploded! We will have Kait in studio with me on Monday afternoon and I can't wait to see her and her family again!

The Hawk Hit maker challenge will kick off Monday, accepting applications from the brightest and the best solo vocalists in our area. They'll be competing against each other and letting the public (that's you!) vote to see who moves on to the next round! If Kaitlyn's story validates anything, it's the fact that Binghamton NY has a lot of great talent. Showcasing it to you and the rest of the world through our outlets gives these individuals a spark that can ignite a fire inside them. Kaitlyn is a PRIME example of what a small town singer can accomplish.

If you don't remember the first Hitmaker Challenge here's another look at Kaitlyn's Hawk Hitmaker competition video:

She's going to Hollywood to continue in her journey of making connection to the world with music! Join Kaitlyn and I on Monday Afternoon for a few minutes as we chat and catch up on air. She and I will be kicking off the 2nd Annual Hawk Hitmaker Challenge live!