Remember that Pepsi Max viral video in which Jeff Gordon took a car salesman out for a wild test drive which includes incredible spinouts, and NASCAR like speeds? Turns out that's it not real, although some news outlets reported it was. To see the video go here.  Aside from looking, feeling and seeming fake, the video was broken down by the car experts at Jalopnik.

They found numerous signs that was indeed fake, among them: The car sticker says the car is a 2009, even though the new Camaros didn't come out until 2010. There's a cupholder where there is no cupholder.  Another driver supposedly performed the stunts, which is why there's no real shot of Gordon driving the vehicle during the test drive. The video was filmed by the Funny or Die website. The salesman is an actor, as are all the other participants in the video.

Jeff Gordon and the rest of the NASCAR boys and girl will be in Bristol,TN for real racing this Sunday for the Food City 500.  Fox 40 has the coverage beginning at 12:30.