I couldn't help but giggle when I saw this Jeep in the parking lot of a Binghamton grocery store over the weekend.  I'm pretty sure the owner accomplished their mission!

So anyway, I did my grocery shopping on Sunday and stuck to the basics. I didn't go crazy impulse shopping.  I stocked up on stuff like lettuce, milk, eggs and such.  And when the cashier scanned my last item, I was shocked at how high my grocery bill was.

If you've noticed your wallet feels a lot lighter after grocery shopping, there's a reason. A new study has found the buying groceries and cooking all your meals at home as I do isn't necessarily cheaper than eating out.

Granted, buying and cooking your own food is probably healthier, but it's not so much cheaper.  But why?

The main reason eating out costs about as much as buying and cooking all your groceries is because grocery costs have skyrocketed in the past decade.  Groceries are actually 38% cheaper than this time in 2003.

And now you know!